June 13, 2010

yesterday went out,kt mcd-again..jmpe dieorg..bru 1 mgu xjmpe,dh rindu blik..jht korg show off kt aku psl prince of persia...lps 2,siap making fun of me when i'm eatg hotcakes..u guys..anyway,i'm still miz u all..sab pn dh gi smbg blaja..wuhuhu,lps nie mst ssh nk jmpe..i wish the bez 4 u sab..then,g pop..bile bku matric.tp xde so kene order..then,ade birds exbtn smthg..took sm pics,comel burung kt sne,tp poor lil thing..locked up in cage..pas2 jmpe ashraf..borak2.n i bought new novel,though nvl kt umh pn blum abis bce..

k,rite now i'm on my way finishg ths book,my sister's keeper..i already know the story,how the story gonna end..i watch the movie..it's good actually,but if u compare it with book,the book is way much more better..i love how she(fyi,jodi picoult) wrote this story..every paragraph,she end with sm kinda sentncs or statement that make u think more than twice..it really is a great book(evntgh i havent finish it)..n that new book i bought,it's her..the pact

so,skrg ni,i need to get track of my life..u see,i dunno where i'm headg rite..i mean back,when i'm woke up in da morng,i think about my fwens,we gonna hav fun at skool,hang out at da library(HANG OUT,not studyg..)n almost forgot,spm(not the best part)..but at least i hav smthg to look 4ward 2..when i'm workg,i think about making money n stuff..rite i dunno..jz plain b.o.r.i.n.g..i know,i need 2 wori about my exam,but the thing is,there's nothig interestg anymore..yep,of coz,study is important but u need more than that in life..myb things will turn out better ths week..

n,here i'm,cntinue blogg..when i have physic lab report 2do,chem lab report,math questn,chptr in physics 2 study coz i didnt undtrstd a thing drg da class..well,back then,f i dun undrstnd smthg, i jz leave it jz like that.didnt bother to look at all.bcoz i hav my fwens..they always help me to undrstd the subjcts..now,i hav do it all alone..i hav my bff there..but,jz her only but she has her own probs 2..no1 else..i cannot jz simply put all my probs on top of her head rite..

so,i'm tryg 2 look at the bright side evrydy..i wish thing wil turn out jz fine..actually i should b thankful.ths is jz small probs that needs no attentn ..gonna cntnue with my work..

June 6, 2010

so many things to do,so lil' of time

yestrdy went out dgn lee,sab,khairi n tqa..kt mane lg,tmpt port biase r,mcd..chat2,gelak2..miz u guys alot..sab lak,mgu dpn dh belah..hhmm..i know,we know,these going to happen..evry1 is gonna go smwhere,move on with their life.i mean myb,aku duk dkt so aku leh jmpe dieorg evry week,so i feel that we can still meet..tp klu dieorg g tmpt jauh,aku xleh jmpe dieorg..

geee,igtkn smlm nk study..but end up watchg cinderella sister..this is a must watch drama,not luvey-duvey drama..nice storyline..makes u think again,the world is a full of scary people,n dun think that u r the only 1 sufferg..seriously,nice story n i luv the actress,moon geun young,she's young but wow,she plays that mean character really well..n the actor,his eyes keep remind me of that guy(their eyes r practically the same,fyi,i over him k..jz smtms think about him..wat can i say,he's the 1st guy that i really10x liked)

okaay,lari topik lg..so,rite now kene study maths(actually maths at U,tp the subject is full with +maths chapters)..bku x balut lg,bju x iron lg,stil lookg 4 my notes..sm notes went missg.myb bcoz i threw sm of them after spm..crap,should hav think b4 threw them like that commercial,pkir dlu sblm buang..hopefully,they'r stil here,myb in the stacks of books at the corner of my room(that i always avoid from lookg at them) or smwhr..gosh,i hate lookg 4 stuff..it's frustrtg..so,gotta go now...lots of stuff hav to do..meanwhile,i'm uploadg vid---drama..hehe,i cant change who i am,i jz luv drama..bye,guys..jmpe mgu dpn..u guys know that i'll always miz u guys..tc.. 

June 4, 2010


so,1st time wrttg a blog..so,i'm jz gonna anythg that come across my mind..so,rite now i'm studyg (x start bljr pn,bru sentuh skt2 je) kt smwhre,takg foundation..n giler r,rmai giler org..almost 3000,n in my foundtn 1000+..wow,kene fite2 giler2...

evrythg dh settle,jz tggl 1 bku nk beli n lab coat...i'm in the last class,bcoz of da 1st alphbt in my name,"Z"..n jz ade 4 boys je n da rest is gurlzz...geee,boringnyeerr..most guys kt engineering(juz saying,i'm not lookg 4 sm1 special or anythg)..buku2,giler tebal.dunno f i'll ever finish it.n my classmates r ok,nice..dieorg tau name aku tp aku xtau name dieorg(sori wei..) n my lectrrs r nice as well,so no probs..campus,nice..blik kitorg bertiles n style cm apartment,pretty spacious for a dorm i must say..but,we hav to climb da "BT. CAVES STAIRS" evrydy..tgi wei,naik bkit 2..244 flight of stairs + stairs yg kt bwh = pnat giler,xckup nfs,kaki skt..

so seems like mcm aku ok kt sne,well i'm not actually..i did meet my bff from primary skool..we havent seen each other more than 5 years..n i did saw sm1 dr primary skool gak,8+ years x jmpe..xtgur pn die coz x sure die knal aku lg x..the thing is,I MIZ MY FWENS & 5A..aku xprnh gelak pn kt sne,xcpt ths week 4 2 time dgn kwn aku 2..2pn bkn gelak giler2 cm dgn membr aku kt sni..gosh,time kuliah,time mkn,time nmpk bdak2 kt sne jln dgn geng,aku mmg rindu korg...smtms trigt our memories 2gther,n smtms trsnyum sorg2(senarnye nk gelak dh time 2,tp thn je..gelak sorg2 lg truk dr snyum sorg2)..so,2mro nk g jmpe dieorg..tp sm1 g langkawi,bestnyeee..hav fun tau.

so,(nape aku asyik start dgn so?) nk jmpe dieorg..can wait!!!ohyaaaa,kene study..study pe?evythg..oh maaann...