June 6, 2010

so many things to do,so lil' of time

yestrdy went out dgn lee,sab,khairi n tqa..kt mane lg,tmpt port biase r,mcd..chat2,gelak2..miz u guys alot..sab lak,mgu dpn dh belah..hhmm..i know,we know,these going to happen..evry1 is gonna go smwhere,move on with their life.i mean myb,aku duk dkt so aku leh jmpe dieorg evry week,so i feel that we can still meet..tp klu dieorg g tmpt jauh,aku xleh jmpe dieorg..

geee,igtkn smlm nk study..but end up watchg cinderella sister..this is a must watch drama,not luvey-duvey drama..nice storyline..makes u think again,the world is a full of scary people,n dun think that u r the only 1 sufferg..seriously,nice story n i luv the actress,moon geun young,she's young but wow,she plays that mean character really well..n the actor,his eyes keep remind me of that guy(their eyes r practically the same,fyi,i over him k..jz smtms think about him..wat can i say,he's the 1st guy that i really10x liked)

okaay,lari topik lg..so,rite now kene study maths(actually maths at U,tp the subject is full with +maths chapters)..bku x balut lg,bju x iron lg,stil lookg 4 my notes..sm notes went missg.myb bcoz i threw sm of them after spm..crap,should hav think b4 threw them like that commercial,pkir dlu sblm buang..hopefully,they'r stil here,myb in the stacks of books at the corner of my room(that i always avoid from lookg at them) or smwhr..gosh,i hate lookg 4 stuff..it's frustrtg..so,gotta go now...lots of stuff hav to do..meanwhile,i'm uploadg vid---drama..hehe,i cant change who i am,i jz luv drama..bye,guys..jmpe mgu dpn..u guys know that i'll always miz u guys..tc.. 

1 comment:

  1. hi, z. sab here.
    if ko balik next week, maybe we can hang out before aku gi. my god! i'll miss u guys a lot!
    i know i will. :(
    so, if ko balik tell me ok. if aku free, we should lpk2 kejap ke.